Joyce Weaver – Memorial Installation & Celebration of Life

May 22, 2021 | Klamath River, OR

On Saturday, May 22, many of Joyce’s family and friends gathered in the woods where she loved to hunt and explore. It was a day of fun stories and togetherness, as well as grief, in a truly beautiful spot overlooking the Klamath River. Husband Randy, son Gary Lee, and grandson Halin all pitched in to install a plaque commemorating Joyce as well as a metal sculpture Randy created, depicting Joyce on her quad. Tucked up a steep hillside where those in the know can visit and pay tribute, the installation will only attract the attention of the most observant passers-by, dwelling as lightly on the land as avid outdoorswoman Joyce took care to do herself.

The Weekend’s Events

Leading up to the day of the memorial service, family and close friends gathered to camp at one of Joyce and Randy’s favorite hunting and quading destinations near the Klamath River.

There were opportunities to laugh and find joy in each other’s company. Not a drink went down without a “Cheers to Joyce!”

Day of the Memorial

The procession of quads just kept coming!

The Arrival

The turnout was incredible! The day of the memorial a caravan of quads and trucks made their way to the memorial site. Bouquets of wildflowers were gathered en route, to lay at the site of the memorial.

While the weather report initially threatened rain, we were blessed with the most beautiful day with huge puffy clouds, typical of a Southern Oregon day that Joyce would have loved.

The Gathering

A gathering spot was set up on the bluff near the memorial site, overlooking the Klamath River, where everyone enjoyed viewing photo boards of Joyce, sharing stories about her, and eating lunch together.

The Memorial Sculpture & Plaque

Lovingly handcrafted over hundreds of hours by Randy Weaver, the memorial sculpture is truly a work of art.

The Installation

Installation of the memorial was a feat that was truly a team effort. The memorial sculpture that Randy designed and built was something we all wish we could be honored with when the time comes. Just one look at the sculpture of Joyce on her quad and it’s apparent how much love went into it. Then there was the challenge of getting it installed into the rocks high-up on the cliffside. Gary and Halin, with consulting assistance from Uncle Jerry, worked hard to make multiple trips to the installation site carrying tools and the sculpture itself. First they had to drill into the rock before filling it with a heavy-duty adhesive and burying the posts of the sculpture and plaque deep within the rock. The exact positioning of the memorial was determined by show of applause from the crowd.

The sculpture was adorned with wildflowers collected in the area on the trek to the memorial site, before being sent up for permanent installation.

After-Party & Goodbyes

Befitting of Joyce, the group all cheers’d to her followed by a shot of tequila. Then everyone returned to the memorial site to scatter her ashes.